My commission for Boxted Brass

Brass Quintet Movement 1  War Graves

Brass Quintet Movement 2 Fanfare

Brass Quintet 3rd Movement Line Dance


Violin Sonata

Sonata Nr.21 Meets Saloon Nr.10


Batemans Piano concerto video on U-Tube

with scenes from Herm Island CI

Batemans / Violin Concerto second movement Vid


Jessica Schwamb Sonata 1st movement and An Easter Anthem vid

Schwamb Sonata video link


Piano Sonata Nr. 15 for Daniela Bechly “The Old House”

Daniela Bechly


Piano Sonata Nr.11 Karl Orff

Karl Orff


Salvator Mundi Sonata for Violin and Piano

Salvator Mundi


Schweizerpsalm Quartet