Hugh Waldock Music

Whatever your musical needs I can write music for every occasion and make that score available in a veriety of formats. I am a vastly experienced choral singer with over 350 amatuer and professional performances under my belt for some of the best choral conductors in the world. I am a recording artist at choral level including for the BBC and Hyperion and briefly worked as a professional soloist in Germany.

Hugh Waldock Politics

I have a history of political activism dating back to 2003. My primary concern now is Pro-Eurofederalism. I am a hard remainer, but I've also done antiwar, antifascist and student strikes against tuiton fees in both England and in Germany

Hugh Waldock Self-Publishing

As an author of 11 books, 3 novels, 4 volumes of poetey and 4 autobiographies like this one as well as leather bound scores. My self-publishing offers something for all.


My main message is of a multitasking person who believes in the true freedom of the marketplace. There are two parts to this; the Thatcherite flexible labour market, and the German notion of academic freedom to study and work in, what you want, as you want, when you want. This means a gaining a vast amount of experience in different things and enjoy a vaired lifestyle. My education with 10 good GCSEs grades A-C, three A Levels and 8 years of university, culminating in an Masters Degree in English Language for Specific Purposes has allowed me to achieve this. I studied no less than 9 different things at undergraduate level, which is unusual in England where the standard 1 subject BA is king. I really feel this gives me an advantage over them in terms of being able to pick things up like professional translation more effectively as I went along. I'm a good all rounder a renaissance man I like to think rather than a Jack of all trades.


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